Ethanol Fuel Fireplaces

Why Choose Ethanol over Wood or Gas Burning Fireplaces

When having a fireplace installed in a room it’s important to consider what type of fuel option would be best for you.  While wood burning fireplaces are undeniably the most familiar choice, gas fireplaces are rapidly gaining in popularity.  Many people are choosing to forego the cost and maintenance of a traditional wood burning fireplace in favor of something a little more modern. 

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the warmth of a roaring fire on a cool evening, whether at home or away.  Unfortunately, the fantasy of a relaxing time spent curled up by the fireplace doesn’t come without maintenance.  Wood burning fireplaces certainly maintain a classically rustic appeal so it’s easy to forget just how much upkeep they can entail, not to mention setup costs if you’re just starting out.   Installation of a wood burning fireplace requires skilled installers to put ensure proper ventilation and contractors to build the firebox and mantle.  There’s also chopping and storing wood, building and stoking the fire, cleaning out old ashes and soot, cleaning the chimney flu and of course, ensuring pesky critters don’t making their home in your chimney.

If you’re looking for something a little less time consuming and costly, consider installing an ethanol burning fireplace.  These eco-friendly ethanol fuel fireplaces use the renewable resource of bio-ethanol fuel to create a warm fire that very closely resembles that of a wood burning fireplace.  Set up is possible virtually anywhere since no special ventilation is required and you won’t need any gas hookups or construction skills to install it.  The ethanol burns clean leaving behind no soot, ash, or wood so you won’t have to spend any time cleaning up after you enjoy your fire and refilling them is very simple.  Additional fuel reserves can be stored in your house on a shelf for whenever you need it.  Since they require no cleanup or maintenance, you won’t need any tools either – no buckets, shovels, brooms, or ash vacuums to store.  As an added bonus, since there are no hookups, mantles, or fireboxes involved, they can be moved virtually anywhere.

Whatever your preference, there is a perfect fireplace out there for every home and situation.  When considering your fuel type, carefully weigh how much money you want to spend up front as well as the possible maintenance they may require in the future.  Fireplaces have always been a centerpiece in a home and it’s important that you choose carefully so you can enjoy that warm, roaring fire for years to come.

Table-Top Ethanol Fireplaces

Enjoy the crackling of a real fire in a compact size with a personal sized table-top ethanol fireplace.  Even if you’re tight on space, you don’t have to sacrifice style or the peace and relaxation a fireplace brings.  An ethanol table-top fireplace is a great way to bring the enjoyment of a fireplace into your home with the need for a large wall space.  Simply place the compact fireplace on a table and enjoy the warm ambiance.

Not only decorative, these tiny dynamos actually provide enough heat to warm up a small room on a chilly night.  Acting as a small space heater, they provide all of the function, ambiance and beauty provided by a standard fireplace.  Use them during the early winter months in colder climates or during the rare chilly night in warmer climates to warm a small area without having to turn on the furnace.  Keeping the heat only in the areas you need it can be a great way to save on energy costs over time helping you to become more eco-friendly.  These unique fireplaces use bio-ethanol fuel which burns clean without any smoke or odor and requires no cleanup.

In addition to their efficiency and beauty, they also provide the convenience of design change and portability.  Choose different table-top fireplaces for different rooms or even for different seasons and change them whenever the need arises.  Table-top ethanol fireplaces come in a variety of styles, finishes, colors, and shapes to meet your decorative and size needs.  Whether you’re looking for something with a classic, traditional design or something akin to that of what you might see at an art gallery, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces

Whether you’re dealing with a small space or are looking for a high end custom look, a wall mounted fireplace makes a dramatic impression.  These innovative works of art require absolutely no maintenance and are a fully mobile design element that can be arranged anywhere you’d like.

Transform your living space by installing a wall mounted ethanol fireplace without any hassle or the risks of potentially dangerous installation mistakes.  Eco-friendly wall mounted ethanol fireplaces can be placed in any room and since no special ventilation or electricity is required they can be used anytime and anywhere.  Simply attach the wall mounted ethanol fireplace in its desired location on easy to install hanging brackets, flip a switch, and enjoy a cozy evening by the fire.   

Ethanol fireplaces provide the real flame warmth and appeal without the need for a chimney or having to deal with wood and ash.  These clean burning fireplaces use an eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel that is easily refilled for use over and over again once the burner has cooled.  Ethanol fireplaces combine unique design with high quality finishes to create the visual beauty and warmth of a traditional log fireplace, whether indoors or out, without the mess.  

Ethanol Fuel Fireplaces Blog

People all over the world are revamping the way they perform every day tasks to focus more on environmental responsibility and safety without sacrificing modern convenience. One of the most substantial ways you can green your home is to install or upgrade to an environmentally friendly Ethanol Fuel Fireplace.

Combining modern technology with traditional charm, Ethanol Fuel Fireplaces are an excellent way to add character without the mess of a traditional fireplace. In addition, these natural gel burners produce enough heat to warm an entire room.

Simple to operate, these fireplaces use ethanol or “denatured alcohol,” an environmentally safe and renewable fuel resource, to create a very realistic flame. Since they aren’t burning anything but bio-ethanol, these innovative works of art don’t produce any foul smells, soot, or smoke. Ethanol fuel is also incredibly convenient since it is completely portable. Any fireplace that isn't mounted can be easily moved to rearrange the look of a room, moved to another room, or transported from the indoors to any outdoor living space.

Make the Ethanol Fuel Fireplaces blog your primary stop for safety information, tips, and helpful instructions!